Accidents Happen: Camp Master’s First Aid Kit Essentials for a Safer Adventure

When you’ve got your bag packed and you’re ready to go on an outdoors adventure, you’ve inevitably got a lot of thoughts running through your head. They might be along the lines of: “Am I fit enough to do this 3-day hike with my new girlfriend? I’ve seen her do leg day.” Or maybe “Perhaps packing only 6 tins of beans and a liter of Oros for this camping trip wasn’t the best idea.” They could even be as simple as “man, I hope I see some cool bugs today.” There are a lot of possibilities.

The last thing you’re probably thinking about, though, is, “what if I hurt myself?” Unfortunately, that thought is essential when preparing for any eventuality on an excursion. Part of what makes nature so incredible is that it’s unpredictable and untamed, but the potential for an accident to happen comes with that territory.

Thankfully, most injuries that happen on these adventures are not serious and, if appropriately managed, can be pivoted into minor inconveniences that won’t spoil your fun. The trick to stopping a minor injury from becoming a big problem lies in the administering of effective first aid. To do this, you’ll need to be prepared, and just like your trusty Camp Master chair does, we’re here to support you through that process.

Does first aid replace the need for a doctor?

The most critical thing to understand about first aid is that it’s NOT a substitute for proper medical care. It’s defined as “help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available.” It constitutes the first few steps you take to administer to an injured person until such a time they can get help from a professional if needed.

First aid is appropriate in all first-response injury situations but a doctor or emergency services worker must be called for severe ailments. Learning a couple of basic first aid procedures is not, unfortunately, going to qualify you to start up your own medical practice, even though the extra income might be nice.

Usually, though, for the minor scrapes, bumps and stings that tend to happen in most outdoor experiences, basic first aid is enough without involving a doctor. If you’re not sure, call someone with expertise, just in case. Any bad injury left unattended will only get worse!

How do I make sure I am prepared to do first aid?

For anyone who is an avid or aspiring outdoorsman, we recommend going on a short first aid course so you’re always equipped with the skills to help yourself and your companions in a pinch! A great place to start with getting accredited as a first responder, is by taking part in a Level 1 course.

These aren’t too time-consuming, easy to access and provide you with a solid foundation for understanding your capacity to help in an emergency. You can start looking for an available one here. We know it may seem like overkill, but you’ll be really grateful to feel knowledgeable in scary situations if you take these steps! As you learn more about first aid, there are exciting specialised outdoor first aid courses that will turn you into a bona fide Camp Master and ensure you consistently score an invite to the next camping trip. BLS Medical runs an exciting Wilderness First Aid course that might be of interest to you! The second step in preparing is ensuring you have a well-stocked first aid kit.

What should I add to my first aid kit? 

You’ll want to be prepared for most situations, but it can be tricky to carry an entire medicine chest up a mountain. Thankfully, Camp Master has created a 25-piece Adventure First Aid Kit that’s light enough to keep with you as you explore but still contains all the essentials:

1 x First Aid Dressing # 2

1 x First Aid Dressing # 3

1 x Proform Bandage (75mm)

1 x Triangular Bandage

5 x Plasters

1 x Pack Sterile Gauze Swabs

1 x Pack Latex Gloves

1 x Eye Bath

1 x Eye Pad

2 x Insect Repellent Sachets

1 x Antiseptic Sachet

1 x Burnshield Burn Dressing (100 x 100),

1 x CPR Device

1 x Set Safety Pins (12’s)

1 x Pair Metal Tweezers

3 x Cotton Buds

1 x Chaffing Cream (10g)

Grab yours today, keep it in your vehicle and rest assured that you’re prepared for whatever your trip throws your way! The fun doesn’t have to stop when plans go awry, and a small amount of pre-prep could save an awesome trip from going south. You owe it to your plans and your people to take that extra precaution, the Camp Master way.


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