Choose the right trailer to make your holiday that little bit easier

We all look forward to a much deserved holiday with family and friends. You start counting down the months, weeks and days in anticipation. Time is spent on choosing the perfect destination – beach, mountains, holiday resorts or the bush followed by planning how to spend your time when you are there. Even the idea of packing for your holiday is part of the fun.

Unfortunately the idea that you won’t be able to pack everything you need for your getaway could interfere with and dampen the excitement a bit. This doesn’t need to be your reality when you consider investing in a trailer for the family. It truly is a lifesaver when you are faced with a living room filled with luggage and only a certain amount of boot space to pack it into. Why should mom leave her “just in case shoes” at home and why should the kids leave their PlayStation for those rainy days?

“While a trailer could be perceived as an expensive item, it should rather be considered an investment and if looked after properly, it could last for all your family holidays going forward”, says Kristin Allen, Business Manager for Camp Master. Camp Master offers a range of trailers for you to choose from. Important elements to review include the material, support systems, braking systems, suspension, construction and hardware.

Within the Camp Master range, you can choose from Roadster, Town and Country, or Wilderness Trailers. Within the Roadster range, you can opt for a Roadster 200 5 Ft Trailer or a Roadster 500 6 Ft Trailer with of 290kg and 430kg pay-load respectively. The Town and Country range offers a Town and Country 210 6 Ft and Town and Country 300 6 Ft Trailers, the Town and Country 300 offers 440kg pay-load versus a 430kg pay-load with the 210.

The Wilderness Trailer is a trailer with a difference. This trailer is perfect for those camping holidays where you need to pack cleverly and require a trailer that is perfect for outdoor conditions. This trailer has a pay-load of 390kg and comes standard with a tent on top of the trailer. The tent is easy to assemble on top of the trailer, allowing you to create quick and comfortable accommodation.

Once you have purchased your trailer you need to ensure the safety of your passengers and other road users. The driver should have a Code B license in order to tow a trailer. It is also important to consider that there are certain requirements when loading your trailer; never overload your trailer and be sure to load all the heavy stuff up towards the front. The reason for this is that it is relatively easy to keep a trailer under control if the weight is close to your vehicle. The further it is away from your vehicle, it’s going to behave like a swinging pendulum which could result in the driver losing control over the trailer.

It is also important to have your trailer serviced regularly, at least once a year. But there are some basic checks you can make every time before you use your trailer:

  1. Fit a plug into the towing vehicle socket and test each function systematically
  2. Make sure all light lenses are in position and not damaged
  3. Run the cable at the front of the trailer through your hands and make sure it has not ‘dragged’ along the ground
  4. Check to see that the wire is secure in the plug
  5. Check under the trailer to ensure that no wires are hanging loose
  6. Check your tyres for tread wear and damage, and check the pressure in the tyres
  7. Make sure all wheel nuts are tightened to the correct torque setting
  8. Check that all the fasteners are secure and that all the attachments are firmly fitted in their correct place, check the condition and mounting of the mudguards

A trailer is a great addition to family holidays and is an essential investment when travelling with a large family.

Camp Master wishes everyone safe travels this Festive season.