Glamping: How to get your indoorsy friend outside!

If you’re reading Camp Master blogs, we think it’s a safe bet to assume you’re an outdoorsy person. You yearn for the wind in your hair and grass underneath your bare feet and the cool, crisp water of a mountain stream washing away all your worries as the African sun sets overhead. From everybody at Camp Master: same. We’re totally with you, and we could think of nothing better than sharing that feeling with our loved ones. Except…

Sometimes the people we care about just don’t get it. They don’t understand why we’d want to step away from central heating and streaming services at the push of a button. They’re terrified at the sight of anything with more than four legs, and the thought of getting dusty sends them into a spiral of “ick.”

We know they’ll enjoy camping when they’re out in the beauty of it all, it’s just convincing them to step away from the Amazon Alexa and into the Amazon-esque jungle of the Wild Coast (or wherever you choose to go), that’s the hurdle. These are the “glampers,” and they’ll need a whole lot of convincing to accompany you on the adventure.

Luckily, Camp Master has a few products designed specifically for lovers of luxury, and we think bringing these along might help you seal the deal.

Bring everything AND the kitchen sink

The first thing your resident glamper might turn their nose up at is the cuisine on offer in the outdoors. Movies have done us campers an injustice by presenting our menus as tins of beans, bully beef, and dry trail mix. As any storied explorer knows though, you can make an incredible menu out in the bush, whether you choose to cook on fire, with gas or even with a Dutch oven.

You can even create a spacious and luxurious designated kitchen area by combining a 6-shelf cupboarda folding tablea Safari King canvas gazebo, a 2-plate stainless steel gas stove, a 50l cooler box, and an 85l fridge freezer. That’s more well-appointed than some apartment kitchens we’ve seen! Your glamper will soon realise your setup is a far cry from sitting on grubby logs struggling through inedible dehydrated meals with a spork.

Camp Master Glamping 2

Book the luxury suite

The seven magic words every glamper wants to hear? “A tent you can stand up in.” No more hunched, soggy lean-tos with just enough room to lie down and a leaky spot in the corner that’s seemingly unfixable, even after a whole roll of duct tape.

With Camp Master’s range of large luxury tents, you have all the room you need. The Family Cabin 910 Tent, for example, feels like your own private log cabin, with the added benefit that you can pick it up and move it so your view is always changing.

It also has convenient front-facing shelter, so you can sit out on the “stoep” and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning shade. Level up your interior décor with a raised air bed, the ultimate in comfort, or go even higher with the Queen instant bed frame. Then, set a soft ambience with a 200 Lumen Lantern. Ta-da! The honeymoon suite awaits!

Camp Master Glamping 3

Recline in style

Every king and queen needs a throne, and the glamper is no exception. As Camp Master, we’re renowned for our outdoor chairs, so we know a thing or two about taking a seat in the utmost style. If your glamper is into lying back and soaking in the sun rays, show them the Caravanner Reclining Chair.

If soft, cushy comfort is the name of the game, try out the Grand Mega Chair for tons of padding. If they’re very into their liquid refreshment, you can’t go wrong with the Savannah Director Chair, it’s got a cooler attached to the armrest! If your glamper is a little more bohemian, but still a connoisseur of the chill, grab them an ultralight double hammock, so they can swing their worries away in the breeze.

Camp Master Glamping 6

Don’t worry – there’s no such thing as overpacking

One thing that often causes the not-so-outdoorsy folk to panic is the prospect of having to pack super light and forgetting an essential item for survival. Thankfully, you’re not taking your favourite glamper on a super rough and tumble overnight hike.

So, you can haul along a Camp Master trailer to fit in absolutely everything that they may desire to bring. For the casual weekend mission, increase your car’s carrying capacity with the Roadster 200. If you’re headed somewhere a little more long-term and rugged, you can’t go wrong with our ultimate beast, the Town & Country Wildnerness 300. To make campsite setup for the chronic over-packer even easier, grab a Camp Master Adventure Wagon to make offloading a breeze.

Camp Master Glamping 4

Don’t skip the small details

Nothing turns a campsite into a “home” quite like the small details that make it special. Your glamper will be grateful for the effort you’ve made for their comfort, and you might even find yourself growing accustomed to these little luxuries, too.

Add some magic to your evenings with these colourful glow sticks, hung up around your campsite as the sun sets. Dot a few of these charming inflatable pillows around under your shade shelter to add splashes of colour and comfort to your site, making it feel lived-in and purposeful.

Protect your glamper from pesky critters and keep your living space looking whimsical with this mosquito net, and arrange a sophisticated dinner under the stars with this picnic set. Little thoughtful details can totally change someone’s perception of a place from “strange and scary” to “comfy and cosy.”

Camp Master Glamping 5

We know it can feel like an uphill battle to get someone we love outdoors when they’re a bit of a homebody. As the old saying goes, you can lead a glamper to the trail, but you can’t make them hike it.

You can, however, convince them to give it a go when you show off all your preparations from Camp Master.

We understand that roughing it isn’t for everyone, and we totally respect that. That’s why our range goes from rugged, efficient essentials to luxurious extras that elevate your expedition as much as you’d like them to. There’s no one way to enjoy the outdoors, as long as you’re happy in the wild air. Now go grab that glamper and turn them into a Camp Master!

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