Master The Art Of Trailer Packing: A Guide To Maxing Out Your Camp Master Roadster’s Capacity

You got your hands on a convenient Camp Master trailer because you like to live a little larger than the average person. Maybe you’re always the most prepared on any adventure – always a lifesaver in a packing emergency. Maybe you’ve got an extra-large family or a big group of friends, and you need that additional space to accommodate your group.

Maybe you’re into outdoor extreme sports and have a collection of cool gear and you want to max out its use wherever you roam. No matter why you got your Camp Master Roadster trailer, the most important part of owning this nifty piece of equipment is how you use it. That’s why we’re here to show you how to make the most of your Roadster trailer’s capacity and efficiency, with these Roadster trailer packing tips for beginners. Now let’s get cracking to get packing – adventure awaits.

  1. Pack 60% of your cargo weight in the front half of the trailer and 40% in the back

Packing the weight of your cargo in a specific distribution inside your Roadster trailer maintains the stability and balance of your vehicle on the road, especially during turns or sudden stops – we know what the N1 Southbound can be like over the Easter weekend! By placing 60% of your cargo weight towards the front of the trailer and 40% towards the back, a greater portion of the weight is placed over the axles of the trailer. This can help to improve the handling and steering of the vehicle, as well as reduce the risk of rollovers or accidents caused by imbalanced weight distribution.

By packing heavier items towards the front of the trailer, you also help to shift the centre of gravity of your load forward, which works to improve your stability even further. This is particularly important when hauling heavy or bulky items that may shift during transit, as an unbalanced load can increase the risk of accidents or damage to the vehicle and cargo.

  1. Always check your trailer AND tow hitch weight capacity before setting off

This should go without saying, but it’s not a good idea to exceed the weight capacity of your trailer or tow hitch. Doing so could lead to a variety of pretty hazardous (and potentially costly) issues. Exceeding the weight capacity can cause your vehicle to handle poorly, leading to difficulty in steering, braking, and accelerating. This can be especially dangerous when driving on steep inclines, turns, or rough terrain, which is to be expected if you’re heading to any sort of outdoorsy holiday destination.

Overloading your vehicle can cause also place unnecessary stress on your suspension, brakes, tires, and other components. This can lead to increased maintenance costs, reduced fuel efficiency, and premature wear and tear. With the price of petrol where it is, you probably don’t want to be stretching out that transport budget even further.

Overloading your trailer can also increase the risk of accidents or damage to your cargo, which can include rollovers, jackknifing or other types of collisions. You can check your towing capacity in both your car and trailer’s owner manuals.

  1. Load your trailer on a totally level surface

When it comes to loading up your Roadster trailer with maximum efficiency, a level surface is your best friend. A level surface ensures that you can accurately distribute the weight of your cargo on the trailer. This can help to prevent overloading or underloading certain areas of the trailer, which as we’ve covered earlier in this article, can affect handling and stability during transit. Loading a trailer on an uneven surface can cause the trailer to tilt or lean, affecting its balance and stability during transit, which is a recipe for a highway speed wobble.

A level surface also makes it much easier to load your gear into your Roadster accurately, ensuring that it is neatly stacked and properly secured. This sort of meticulous packing can help to prevent damage to your precious cargo, as well as minimise the risk of accidents caused by shifting or unbalanced loads.campmaster-offroad_vehicle

  1. Chock your wheels during packing

As hilarious as it may be in theory to watch a loaded trailer slowly and comedically roll down a hill after being meticulously packed, it’s not so funny when it happens to you. That’s why we recommend you securely chock your wheels every time you load up your trailer, even if it’s on a very level surface. Chocking your wheels during the process of packing a trailer is an important safety measure that can help prevent accidents. This is especially important when loading or unloading heavy items, as the movement of the trailer can cause the cargo to shift or become unbalanced, leading to damage to the cargo.

Chocking your wheels can also help prevent injuries that can occur when working around a trailer. If the trailer were to roll or move unexpectedly, it could cause serious injuries to anyone standing near or working on the trailer. A solid chocking could mean the difference between a fun, mobile holiday and sitting on the sidelines dejectedly in a moon boot.

  1. Put the heaviest items directly next to the wheel arches

Palm trees swaying? A vibe. Trailers swaying? Not so much. By placing the heaviest items in your load near the wheel arches, you can help to reduce trailer sway. This occurs when the trailer starts to move side-to-side independently of the towing vehicle, which can be dangerous and difficult to control.

A well-balanced load with the heaviest items near the wheel arches can help to prevent this from happening. Placing the heaviest items near your wheel arches can also help to maximise the capacity of the trailer. This is because the weight of the cargo is distributed more evenly across the axles, reducing the strain on any one part of the trailer and allowing you to carry more weight overall. Better packing = greater towing capacity. This method can help to reduce fuel consumption and minimise the wear and tear on your vehicle and trailer,

  1. Double-check that your trailer’s “lid” or cover is secure

Listen. This is South Africa. You already know you need to be securing your trailer’s lid closed, we just figured we’d remind you. A secure trailer cover can help protect your cargo from damage or loss while in transit. If not locked or tied down, it may come loose or open, allowing the cargo to shift or fall out of the trailer. An improperly secured trailer can lead to loss of cargo on the road, too.

This can be dangerous to other drivers and may result in liability issues for you. Interestingly, a secure trailer cover can help maintain the aerodynamics of the trailer. A loose or open cover can create wind resistance, making it more difficult to tow the trailer and potentially increasing fuel consumption. Flapping trailer covers also run the risk of damaging your beloved trailer itself, which you don’t want to do. We know your Camp Master gear is near and dear to you.

  1. Never forget your trailer’s spare tyre, even if you’re not off-roading

Tires can become damaged or punctured at any time, even when driving on paved roads. Some of the potholes on adventure destination roads could probably be classified as small dams. Having a spare tire can provide peace of mind and ensure that you are prepared for unexpected situations, keeping your expedition stress-free.

If you do have a tire blowout or other tire-related issue, having a spare tire can save you time and help you avoid delays. You can quickly replace the damaged tire and get back on the road without having to wait for a tow or other assistance, which may take a long time to arrive in more isolated areas.

Having a spare tire can also save you money in the long run. If you have a flat tire or other tire issues and do not have a spare, you may need to pay for a tow or other assistance, as well as potentially needing to purchase a new tire or other repairs. You might even miss out on first-night bookings at your destination, which hurts the wallet as much as your feelings.


Now I know how to pack a trailer – where do I get one?

If you don’t already have a trailer, we think it’s time you get one! Not only do trailers increase your carrying capacity so you can venture out further for longer, but more carrying capacity means you get to include more people and opportunities in your exploration of what our beautiful country has to offer.

Camp Master trailers are the perfect intersection of capacity and convenience, durability and affordability, and ruggedness and ease of use to tick all the boxes you could possibly have when searching for the right trailer for your needs. You know how to load the trailer, now go get the trailer! Just head down to your nearest Makro, Game or Builders’ warehouse to view our full range of demo models and order yours today!

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