Self-Care In the Outdoors: Celebrate International Mind/Body Wellness Day The Camp Master Way!

The 4th of January marks International Mind/Body Wellness Day, and we believe there’s no greater source from which an individual can pull wellness than nature! Boundless, varied, endlessly changing and always there for you when you reach for it, the great outdoors is our happy place and it could be yours too!

In the post-holiday-season slump there’s a good chance you need a pick-me-up, and the Camp Master team has a few healthy, healing outdoor activities in mind to get the pep back in your step:

Taking a hike with friends

Apart from the health benefits of walking, like weight management, mobility improvement, strength building and cardio-health maintenance, walking a trail with your nearest and dearest has a significant impact on your mental state, too.

The endorphins released when you move your body make your brain chemically happier and being physical in the presence of loved ones boosts your serotonin together; meaning you’re actively building happiness bonds with them. Strengthen your relationships and your quads when you pick a trail with your people!

Don’t forget to pack a Camp Master Picnic Set to share a meal at the trailhead.

Attending an outdoor yoga class

Outdoor yoga is an incredible way to feel connected with both your own body and nature. Yoga can increase your flexibility, as well as your muscle strength and tone, all while improving your respiration, energy and vitality. Yoga can even help you maintain a balanced metabolism!

Regular yoga routines will greatly aid your sleeping patterns, which has a massive positive effect on your quality of life. Outdoor yoga classes are often communal and take place in parks, which gives you a great excuse to explore your area and make new friends in your community, too.

Stay hydrated with a Camp Master water bottle.

Learning a new outdoor skill, like fishing or geocaching

There are few feelings of triumph more palpable than getting a new thing right for the very first time! To get that feeling however, you actively have to start trying new things. New outdoor hobbies can be daunting, because they necessitate leaving the house, sourcing the correct gear and learning how to do something for the first time, usually in front of new people.

Thankfully, (and as Camp Master, we know this to be a fact,) outdoorsy people are some of the friendliest bunch around! Trying something new is as simple as finding a community on Facebook around your interests and asking if you can join the next activity. 9/10 times you’ll be welcomed into a brand-new space with open arms!

Once you’ve accepted the invite, come prepared with some courtesy refreshments for your new friends in a Camp Master Cooler. 

Going on a solo overnight camping trip

A solitary adventure might not be in your wheelhouse, but it can be wonderfully beneficial for your overall happiness if you do decide to give it a try. Not only will pulling off a solitary overnight camping trip make you feel capable and ready to take on anything, but it will also give you space to reflect, unwind and go about your trip at your own pace.

You get to make all the choices: where to visit, where to pitch your tent, what to eat and what activities to do. It’s an exercise in independence and freedom, and we recommend everyone tries it at least once.

Venture out in your very own cosy Instant 205 Tent.

A sunrise meditation in a beautiful place

Watching the sunrise is gorgeous in its own right, but adding meditation to the practice takes it to a whole new level. Meditation is medically proven to reduce stress, especially when done regularly. It can also regulate your mood, help you stay focused, and promote your productivity levels.

When you meditate, you become an active participant in your own self-awareness and can step away from stressful thoughts to examine, reframe, and reroute them. Choosing to meditate helps you to reflect on your choices and make the best ones going forward, and inspired by a beautiful sunrise, is a recipe for a good mood.

Sit down to enjoy the peace on a Camp Master Picnic Blanket. 

Going birdwatching

Imagine the biggest, most exciting game of “hide and seek” you’ve ever played, taking you to the most scenic parts of the country, and only ending when you want it to. Oh, and the participants can fly! That’s birdwatching! It’s a widely loved pastime for a reason and if you’re the sort of person who needs to have something to do, even on holiday, this is precisely the challenge you’ve been looking for.

The hobby can be as in-depth and intense or as casual as you want it to be. How many and which types of birds you want to see are up to you, and nothing beats the satisfaction of spotting a specimen you’ve been searching for. Speaking of, check out this amazing moment captured in November 2022, when researchers found a lost bird species. The reaction is one any ornithophile will understand.

Bring all your birding gear with you on the go in a Camp Master Duffel bag!

Volunteering to weed alien plant species at a reserve

This option helps your mind, your body, your community AND the environment in a quadruple win. Many local reserves and parks welcome volunteers to come to help them keep our indigenous flora preserves pristine. Weeding out alien plants is a great workout, which will make your body and mind buzz. Plus, you’ll get the street cred of being a good Samaritan. Look at you go!

Make sure you relax in a Camp Master hammock afterwards. You’ve earned it.

Closing your eyes and just listening for an hour

This suggestion is as simple as it sounds. Just close your eyes, lie back in your Caravanner Reclining Chair, and peacefully soak up the sounds of nature. You might be surprised at just how refreshed you feel after 60 minutes of being outside.

We know there’s at least one item on this list that’ll work to make you feel some of nature’s healthiness flowing into your life. Thankfully, you can try them all and see which one works for you. The outdoors is calling and with Camp Master products, it’s even more convenient, affordable, and oh-so-comfortable.

Take your health into your own hands this International Mind/Body Wellness Day and grab Camp Master gear at a Game, Makro or Builders’ Warehouse near you.

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