Set up camp in record breaking time with Camp Master

Escaping from the hustle and bustle from the city is always a good idea. Fresh air, camp fires and spending quality time with the family is high on the agenda. One other not-so-much fun activity on the itinerary if you go camping, is setting up your camp site. While in most scenarios, it is perfectly fine to spend the time setting up your tent there are those days where it is extremely hot or it is pouring down with rain and you wish you had a magic wand to set up your tent in a matter of minutes.

Camp Master recently introduced their new Instant tent range, allowing you to set up your tent in under five minutes, without having to resort to tent peg acrobatics. When you don’t have enough adults to keep the tent up while you are figuring out which pole goes where, or even if you have to keep an eye on escape artist toddlers, you can set up your instant tent in minutes.

No matter the size of your family, you can choose an Instant tent to fit your needs, starting from an Instant 200 (2 sleeper), Instant 300 (3 sleeper), Instant Cabin 600 (6 sleeper) and the Instant Cabin 1000 (10 sleeper). The Instant Cabin 1000 can also be set up by just one person.  It comes with pre-connected poles which once pulled and lifted, clicks into place – you could ask someone to assist with the cover though if you don’t manage to find a pair of helping hands, you will still manage to assemble the tent just fine on your own.

Not only is the tent the perfect solution in times of tricky weather conditions, it also allows you to enjoy more weekend breakaways as you won’t be spending hours setting up camp for your two day getaway.

The best part is also that the Camp Master Instant tent range is competitively priced with a 50% saving compared to other instant tents allowing all avid campers to enjoy the benefits that comes with an instant tent solution.

Visit Makro and selected Game stores to see for yourself just how easy it is to set up camp with the Camp Master Instant tents.