There’s more than one way to be a Camp Master: The 8 types of outdoor people (and the Camp Master gear they need!)

There’s no “right” way to enjoy the outdoors. There are definitely wrong ones, particularly those involving littering, veldt fires and shouting at an innocent giraffe, but those are all pretty common sense no-go’s. We believe everyone’s relationship with the outdoors is unique, and that’s why we’ve created such a wide range of Camp Master products.

Even so, amongst all the various ways to experience nature, we’ve started to notice a few common categories we thought we’d take a go at defining them. We also know the festive season is coming up and paired an essential Camp Master gadget with each personality type to make gift shopping that little bit easier. If you ended up browsing Camp Master content, we have a feeling you’re going to see yourself somewhere on this list…

The 4×4 pioneer
His 4×4 is his mighty steed and every dirt road this side of Botswana is his kingdom to explore! This guy knows more about jerry cans than some people know about their own children. He’s also an absolute beast with a spanner. Point to a mountain and he’s driven up it. Vertically. Help him haul the essentials with a Camp Master 5-Foot Roadster 200 Trailer

The adrenaline junkie
Relaxing? No thanks. Her heart’s gotta be pumping at 180bm or she doesn’t really feel like she’s living. If you’re struggling to find her, look up. She’s either scaling a rock wall, climbing a tree, or jumping off a waterfall. If you’re camping together, get ready for exhilaration. And don’t bring a book to read. Make living life on the edge a little safer with this Camp Master 5Pc D-Ring Set


The over-prepper
A plaster? You got it. A set of extra tent pegs? Sure! Maybe an extra gas canister? Of course! The over-prepper knows that nature is unpredictable and they’ve packed for every eventuality. They’re bringing everything INCLUDING a kitchen sink, and three different types of sponges to boot! You want to be in the over prepper’s campsite, but maybe not the same car on the way home. Help them keep that stash safe with this Camp Master Utility Box

The relaxation afficionado

“7AM hike” might as well be a foreign language to this happy, relaxed camper. He didn’t come to the wilderness to exert himself, he did it to unwind. We’re talking late wakeups, 6 hour potjies and appreciating the sound of birds for a whole afternoon. The relaxation afficionado is here to soak up the good vibes outside has to offer, preferably horizontal. Take that lounging to the next level with the Camp Master Savannah Director Chair plus Cooler

The water baby

No body of water is safe from being used as a cool-off point when the water baby is around. Perpetually in a swimsuit, this brave (and buoyant) camper will take a dip in any stream, river, waterfall or pool, no matter the temperatures she’s facing. Her closest relative might as well be a polar bear. Be prepared to always carry towels and know she’s probably 90% more awake than you at any given time. Swim, but skip the sunburn in this Camp Master Pop-Up Beach Shelter

The backpack crusader

If home is where the heart is, then the backpack crusader’s heart holds all the world! Never in one place for too long, they’re the modern-day nomad, always ready to pack up for the next adventure. Throw a dart at a map and they’ve probably been there, got the hand-printed t-shirt and know which local spot makes the best coffee. Ensure they’re prepared for the next adventure with this Campmaster Backpack

The family man
Camping with kids is playing the outdoors on ‘difficult mode” – but this dad is an expert. He’s got the campfire stories down to a fine artform and his backpack is filled to bursting with hike-snacks, sunscreen and the perfect jar to catch a bug in. This man will light the perfect fire AND braai the perfect boerewors on it, too. Light up his little one’s life with this Camp Master Junior Flashlight & Headlamp Combo (Pink)

Did you spot yourself somewhere on this list? Maybe your loved ones too? Or perhaps you have elements of all these types of outdoor people in your personality? Maybe you’re a whole new species of Camp Master entirely?

No matter how you choose to embrace the beauty of getting outside, the Camp Master range has an item that’ll make your trip easier, safer, more convenient or more enjoyable. We take care of the logistics so you can really soak in what matters every camping trip. And no, we’re not talking about the mosquito repellent.

Camp Master products are available online on the Makro and Game websites!

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