Our 2024 Must-Have Camping Essentials: Become the Camp Master

Living in South Africa and NOT being into outdoor adventures feels kind of like a wasted opportunity. Almost like owning a Porsche and keeping it exclusively in the garage. And when it comes to gearing up for these adventures, there’s no better companion than Camp Master – the brand that brings you locally iconic, durable yet affordable camping gear. As we step into the new year, let’s explore the latest and most innovative offerings from Camp Master. It’s time to refresh your outdoor stockpile and be the envy of every campsite neighbour. The folding chairs can be greener on YOUR side of the campsite!

  1. Camp Master Green: Where Adventure Meets Affordability

One thing that sets Camp Master apart is the vibrant Camp Master Green – the colour of adventure and affordability. It’s not just a shade; it’s a statement. When you roll into the campsite with your Camp Master gear, you’re not just setting up a tent; you’re setting up an experience. Go for a more understated green with our range of heavy-duty canvas tents. Or go classic with an iconic classic folding chair.

  1. 2. Tents that Stand Strong: Ranges for the Whole Family

A good camping trip starts with a sturdy shelter, and Camp Master has outdone itself in 2024. With an easy-to-assemble designs and durable materials, our tents ensure you spend less time wrestling with poles and more time enjoying the view. They’re the perfect balance of convenience and comfort, just what you need for those starry nights in the South African wilderness. Whether you’re a massive family in need of a mansion-sized tent like the Family Cabin 1000, a solo weekend warrior looking for a quick setup with the Instant 205 tent, we’ve got the outdoor solution for you.

  1. Sleep Like a King or Queen: No More Counting Sheep

Camping doesn’t mean sacrificing a good night’s sleep. Camp Master offers mattresses, pillows and sleeping bags fit for royalty. Crafted with precision and designed for maximum cosiness, these bedtime favourites make you feel like you’re snoozing on a fluffy highveld cloud. Our tried and tested insulation technology ensures you stay warm on chilly nights and cool when the sun decides to turn up the heat. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to the Camp Master experience. If you’re a comfort connoisseur, we recommend trying out the High Raised Inflatable Airbed.

  1. The Braai Maestro: Unleash Your Inner Grillmaster

No camping trip is complete without a braai. In fact, no weekend at HOME is complete without a braai either. Camp Master’s range of braai accessories and Camp Kitchen essentials is the range that turns any campsite into a five-star dining experience. All of our equipment is durable, easy to assemble and disassemble, easily cleanable and help you cook up a storm without any hassle. So, pack those South African staples (yes, even that slow-cooking-needed leg of lamb) – Camp Master is ready to turn your camping dinners into a feast.

  1. Lights, Camera, Camp: Illuminate Your Nights with the Starlight Lantern

When the sun sets, the adventure doesn’t have to end. Enter our wide range of versatile and eco-friendly torches, lamps and lanterns – Camp Master’s answer to lighting up the night. With options that light up a whole campsite and others that strap to your head, guiding your way to adventure, these items are your beacon in the darkness of the bush. Hang these retro-inspired lanterns from your tent for a cozy glow or use this headlamp as a guiding light on your midnight bathroom trips.  Camp Master is committed to ensuring your campsite stays lit and lively even after the sun bids adieu.

  1. Comfort on the Go: Camp Master’s Iconic Chairs

After a day of exploring and adventuring, you deserve a comfortable seat to kick back and relax. Our iconic range of folding chairs is not only lightweight and easy to carry but also provides the perfect perch for enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you’re gathered around the fire or enjoying a quiet moment by the river, these chairs are a must-have for every camping enthusiast. We know you’re already familiar with our classic model, but we have so much more variety. If you’re a beverage aficionado, try our Savannah Director Chair, with a built-in cooler.  If you like to kick back and relax, give our 320 Deluxe Mesh Reclining Chair a go.

Current Camping Trends: What’s Hot in 2024

Let’s not forget to stay ahead of the camping curve! Here are some of the hottest trends in camping for 2024:

  • Sustainable Camping: Embrace eco-friendly gear and leave no trace. Camp Master is committed to sustainability with durable, reusable gear.
  • Glamping Essentials: Glamorous camping is here to stay. Upgrade your outdoor experience with Camp Master’s luxurious camping gear, from inflatable mattresses to leisurely hammocks. You’ll be living in the lap of luxury in the heart of the bush.
  • Solo Adventures: Solo camping is gaining popularity, and Camp Master has the perfect gear for those seeking solitude. Lightweight tents, compact cooking sets, and solo-friendly accessories will make your solo trip memorable AND affordable.
  • Adventure Photography: Capture every moment with the rise of adventure photography. Camp Master’s gear includes camera-friendly backpacks to carry your precious equipment. Check out our blog on Outdoor Photography to learn more.

Gear Up for Adventure with Camp Master

So, there you have it – the 2024 must-have camping essentials from Camp Master. From tents that can withstand the South African elements to sleeping bags fit for royalty, portable braais that make you the braai maestro, and trendsetting gear for the modern camper, Camp Master has everything you need to make your outdoor adventures unforgettable. As you plan your camping escapades for the year, remember that the grass is always Camp Master Green-er on your side of the campsite. So, gear up at a Game, Makro or Builders Warehouse, embrace the spirit of adventure, and become the Camp Master you’ve always wanted to be. Happy camping, fellow outdoor enthusiasts!



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