Back The Bokke: Game Day Braai Essentials with Camp Master

The Rugby World Cup is has finally arrived and it’s time to back our boitjies once more. Now, we’re sure it would be lovely to fly over to Europe and rub shoulders with the Frenchmen in the host nation. However, we think it’s a bit more patriotic to tune the TV to SuperSport, fire up the braai and pour an icy “dop” as the tune of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika carries the mighty Boks to another victory.

Rugby and a braai; never have two things been more synonymous. They are like peanut butter and jam. Hadedas and headaches. Deadlines and load shedding. Just like a good braaibroodjie needs the right bread, a good braai needs the right gear- the right Camp Master gear.

The Perfect Braai Experience: Camp Master’s Braai Essentials

A braai is so much more than some premium vleis and a fire. It’s an age-old tradition, a celebration of camaraderie, and for many, an art form. It is as essential to the South African experience as the queue at home affairs or the roars of joy when the Springboks score a try. With so much at stake, there’s no better teammate than Camp Master to ensure your braai gets over the try-line. Put us in coach!

  1. Potjie Pots: Camp Master’s potjie pots aren’t just any old cooking vessels. These cast iron cauldrons symbolise the heart of a true braai masterpiece. A well-seasoned potjie pot adds a depth of flavour that’s hard to replicate. But more than that, it’s about the anticipation as the potjie simmers away, the score predictions as everyone waits, and the collective “mmm’s” as the rich aromas waft around your “stoep.” With Camp Master’s potjie pots, you’re not merely cooking; you’re playing for the win!

  1. Braai Accessories: A perfect braai, like a perfect pass, needs precision, and that’s where Camp Master’s accessories come into play. Think of these tools as the unsung heroes of Braaicraft. Just as a scrum-half ensures that the ball is dispatched smoothly and strategically to the forwards, these accessories make sure your braai runs seamlessly (and scores some tries along the way). From heat-resistant gloves that protect your hands as you masterfully turn the vleis, to the perfectly designed tongs that grip and flip with ease, these tools are indispensable. No coaching necessary, you’re about to be the braai MVP.

  1. Eco Fire Lighters: When it comes to lighting up that braai, Camp Master ensures you do it right, and in an eco-friendly way. The Bokke are green after all (dodgy blue kit notwithstanding.) Our Eco Firelighters are not only effective in getting the fire going, but they also prioritise environmental well-being. No more guilt of adding chemicals to the air; with Camp Master firelighters, you’re ensuring a greener braai experience.

  1. Log Claw: No more struggling to adjust the flames or add logs to your fire. With Camp Master’s Log Claw, you can effortlessly manoeuvre those heavy logs, ensuring that your braai fire maintains a consistent temperature, without singing off those eyebrows. It’s about safety, convenience, and above all, keeping the essence of the braai alive. Happy fire=happy vleis.

  1. Camp Master Cast Iron Skillet: If you need a quicker braai plate and a 6 hour specialty potjiekos isn’t on the menu, the Camp Master Cast Iron Skillet steps up to save the day. This skillet is ideal for searing, sautéing and even frying your meal of choice. Its heat retention properties ensure your steaks, chicken, or braaibroodjies are lekker, every time.

Keeping Beverages Icy: Camp Master’s Advanced Cooler Boxes

Nothing complements the excitement of a Rugby World Cup match quite like a refreshing cooldrink. As the game’s pace quickens and the suspense in the atmosphere thickens, the only solace may be that icy beverage in hand, echoing the serenity of a winter’s chill. But how do you ensure your drinks retain that perfect coldness amidst the heat of the game? The answer lies in Camp Master’s impeccable line of cooler boxes.

Camp Master’s Cooler Boxes:

  1. Superior Insulation Technology: At the heart of Camp Master’s prowess is its advanced insulation technology. It’s not just about keeping your drinks cold for a few hours. No, these cooler boxes promise an extended frosty embrace, ensuring your beverages remain icy cold till the very last sip, long after the final whistle. We know cool, so we do cool.
  2. Rugged Designs for the Outdoors: Aesthetically pleasing yet robust, these cooler boxes are not ones to back down from a challenge. Designed to endure the wild cheers, sporadic jeers, and unpredictability of outdoor conditions, they stand strong, ensuring your drinks remain protected. Don’t be afraid to bring yours along to any braai, anywhere.
  3. Tailored Beverage Storage Options:
    • Soft Coolers: Lightweight and easy to carry, Camp Master’s soft coolers are perfect for a braai on the fly. Their flexible structure allows for convenient storage, making them a favourite for many a fan with space concerns.
    • Hard Coolers: For those seeking sturdiness and longevity, our hard coolers are the iconic go-to. With reinforced exteriors and ample storage space, they are ideal for longer afternoons or when you need that extra layer of protection.
    • Thermo Coolers: Our thermo-electric coolers, with their enhanced thermal retention properties, are perfect for those extremely sunny days. Trust them to be the guardians of your drink’s and snack’s coldness, even under the scorching sun.
    • Portable Freezers: When you need more than just cooling and are looking to freeze your beverages or store perishable items, Camp Master’s portable freezers are ready to hit the pitch. They offer the luxury of a home freezer but with the convenience of portability. You’re about to be King of the Braai…

In the vast world of the game day garden braai, where the unpredictable often reigns supreme, our cooler boxes emerge as the reliable constant. Whether it’s the group stage or the finals, there’s a Camp Master cooler box ready to cater to your icy needs. Treat yourself to a perfect sip, every sip.

Maximum Comfort Seating: Camp Master’s Premium Camping Chairs

Imagine this: the game’s tension is palpable, and as the crowd goes wild, you find yourself jumping with joy. You sit back down, but instead of the hard, uninviting ground or a dodgy crisp-covered couch, you’re settling into one of our premium camping chairs. Here’s why they’re a game-changer:

  1. Sturdy Construction for Active Moments: Every Camp Master chair is designed with robustness in mind. Whether you’re leaping in excitement or leaning forward in anticipation, these chairs won’t let you down. Made with high-quality materials, they’re built to endure the liveliness of the rugga AND the great outdoors.
  2. Ultimate Cushioning: Gone are the days of stiff, unyielding camp chairs. Camp Master offers luxury cushioning that feels akin to your very own VIP lounge. As the score grows you’ll feel pampered and supported.We even offer reclining options for ultimate viewing pleasure.
  3. Diverse Range for Diverse Needs:
    • Reclining Chairs: Our reclining chairs are ideal for those who crave relaxation amidst the elation. Adjust them to your desired angle and let the chair cradle you in comfort. Perfect for a halftime hiatus – or post-victory nap.
    • Director Chairs: These are perfect for those who like to be in control. Offering a more upright seating position, they’re great for those pivotal game moments, overseeing braai setups, or simply enjoying a meal.
    • High-Back Chairs: For those who require added support, the high-back design ensures that your entire back is catered to. It’s a godsend for longer seating sessions and for the big boys who play rugby themselves. If you really are part of the starting 15, try Camp Master’s Grand Mega Camping Chair. With a whopping 150kg weight limit, it can support any of out champions.
  4. Thoughtful Add-Ons: What’s a game without refreshments? Camp Master understands this all too well. Our chair’s drink holders are not just mere pouches but are sturdy enough to hold your drink securely. The table extensions on our Savannah Director Chair are a genius touch, ensuring that your snacks, phone, or drink are always within arm’s reach.

Luxury and comfort aren’t just limited to your living room. They can be wherever you choose to set up the braai stand.

Evening Rugby Magic with Camp Master’s Illumination Tools

There’s something distinctly magical about watching rugby as the sun sets, the air filling with the smell of braai smoke and the whistles and cheers of the match in the background. However, lighting is crucial to fully enjoy this spectacle, and that’s where Camp Master steps into the spotlight.

  1. Setting the Stadium Mood with Camp Master’s Lanterns: Camp Master’s lanterns are meticulously designed not just to light up the surroundings, but also to emulate the passion and warmth of a live game. The harmonious glow they cast serves a dual purpose: it elevates the mood, giving you that much-desired stadium ambience, and provides ample light to keep track of every swift pass and tackle. Talk about a score!
  2. Never Miss a Beat with Camp Master’s Flashlights: The game’s heating up, and suddenly you realise your drink’s empty! No need to fumble in the dark or miss a crucial play. Camp Master’s high-intensity flashlights come to your rescue. Designed for clarity and long-range focus, these torches ensure you find your way to the drinks cooler and back to your seat in no time. The sleek design and powerful beam make them an essential companion for every evening match aficionado.
  3. Hands-free Brilliance with Camp Master’s Headlamps: Sometimes, you need both hands – whether it’s to cheer for a brilliant try or to flip some wors during halftime. That’s when Camp Master’s hands-free headlamps become your MVP. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, these headlamps fit every head comfortably, ensuring you have a clear line of sight no matter where you turn. Whether you’re setting up the braai or searching for that dropped remote, these headlamps make sure darkness never hampers your game-night fun.

With lanterns that set the mood, torches that guide your path, and headlamps that offer hands-free illumination, every match in your garden is set to be an experience worth remembering. Let’s go bokke!

Kick-off With Camp Master

Rugby’s not just a game; it’s a collective celebration. With the right Camp Master gear, your garden will feel like a mini stadium.

Marrying the thrill of rugby with our gear isn’t just a combo; it’s an experience, a lifestyle.

Now, it’s your play. Ready to make the Rugby World Cup an unforgettable adventure? Whether it’s for the braai, the chill, or the thrill, make a dash to a Makro, Game, or Builder’s outlet near you and stock up on Camp Master essentials.

Happy braai-ing Camp Master’s!

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